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The Vieux presbytère de Batiscan offers you a guided tour during which you will discover some of the various vocations of the site with colorful historical caracters. Take a moment during your visit to explore the ancestral garden and learn how to make butter. Take a moment during your visit to explore the ancestral garden and do one of the proposed activities.


Costumed Group tour (min. 20 people)

Fee: $4.00/person

Confessions of an old rectory

Since 1816, the old rectory has been a witness to Quebec’s rural history. The site was a gathering point from Samuel de Champlain’s arrival in the 17th century until the building was acquired by the Quebec government in the sixties. Many figures who were involved in the evolution of everyday life in Quebec have since then become the guardians of our collective memory.

Duration: 45 minutes

19th century garden

Explore the ancestral garden and learn our ancestors’ gardening means, as well as he vegetables grown in the 19th century.
Duration: 15 minutes

From the cave to the attic (De la cave au grenier)

Visit the Vieux presbytère from the cave to the attic alongside Albert Décary, an engineer. Albert was the owner of the Vieux presbytère, between 1922-1962 and will show you the building from an entirely different perspective. Track his beautiful jewel of Mauricie’s rural architecture from 1696 – when the first presbytery was constructed – until now.
Duration: 15 minutes



Churn your butter (Baratte ton beurre)

Making your own butter is very simple. It’s only churned cream. At the end of this activity, you will leave with a knob of butter you made yourself.

Duration: 45 minutes
Fee: $3.50/person

For more information, or to book, please contact us by phone (418 362-2051) or by email (communication@presbytere-batiscan.com).

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