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Rental period

The Dwellers’ hall (salle des habitants) can be rented from November until mid-May, and the Desjardins pavilion an be rented from May until October.

2018 Price list

Pricing Fee
Dwellers’ hall (salle des habitants) (4 hours) $150
Desjardins pavilion (4 hours) $250
Desjardins pavilion – Wedding (4 hours) $350
Additional hours $40/hour
Additional hours after 2 AM $120/hour
Corporate fee (choice of hall, includes facilities) Fee
Half-day (4 hours) $200
Full day (8 hours) $300
Additional hours $40/hour
NPO fee (choice of hall, includes facilities) Fee
Full day (8 hours) (Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 5 PM) $200
Full day (8 hours) (Nights and weekends) $300
Additional hours $40/hour

Equipment rental costs (table, chair, screen) and entertainment (educational activities, treasure hunt, quiz) are included in the Lessee’s kit

For more information

Lessee kit
Phone: 819-362-2051
Email: communication@presbytere-batiscan.com